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My goal with this website is to help you find the best possible resources when you’re learning coding. Especially when you’re a beginner, it’s extremely helpful to have someone point out what’s worked for them in the past and hear them share their experience.
Therefore, I’ve decided to gather my favourite resources, online courses, books, and other material on this website and share everything I know with you.
For some of the resources, I have chosen to participate in affiliate programs of a handful of selected partners. These solely include resources I personally trust and love.
When you click on an affiliate link on this website and buy a product, I receive a small commission for referring you. There is no additional cost to you.
In some of my blog posts, I’m going to introduce you to products and resources that I recommend. These may be physical products, virtual services, software, or anything else that I feel would help you become a better software engineer.
I will only recommend things that I truly believe will benefit you. In addition, I only recommend things that I’ve personally used and benefitted from.
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