Best Programming Languages to Learn in 2021

by Mahmut on March 04, 2021

We all know that programming plays an important role in solving our problems in our daily life. Programming is one of the most important skills to learn in today’s world.

There are a lot of people who want to learn a programming language to enter the field of software development and build a career. Many of them don’t know which programming language they should learn.

Whether you are in this field or not, If you want to learn a programming language and you don’t know which one you should learn, then this article is for you. So let’s get started.



Especially in the last two decades, Python became more popular because of the rising of Artificial Intelligence. Python is the most preferred programming language for people who want to specialize in fields such as artificial intelligence and data science. According to the 2019 Kaggle Data Science and Machine Learning Survey, %75 of the over 10.000 respondents from around the world reported that they use Python on a regular basis.

So what makes Python so popular? Python is one of the easiest programming languages to learn, especially for beginners. This is because Python’s syntax structure is clear and intuitive.

Python can be used in a wide range of areas such as Data Science, Machine Learning, Web Development, Computer Science Education, Computer Vision and Image Processing, Game development as well as in Artificial Intelligence.

There are a lot of big companies using Python such as : 


The average Python developers earn around $76, 526 each year

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Java is owned by Oracle Corporation and it is a general-purpose programming language that can be used regardless of platforms because of its Write Once, Run Anywhere ( WORA ) capabilities. That’s why Java is known for its portability. There are more than 3 billion Java applications in the world today. 

Java is often used in creating web applications and android app development. Java is also used on the backend of several popular websites, including Google, Youtube, Twitter, and Amazon.

In today’s world, there are billions of Android users and all organizations need their own android applications. So if you are looking for a development-based job, Java is the language that you are looking for.

The average Java developers earn around $79,137 each year.



Kotlin was developed by Jetbrains in 2011 with the goal of “something better than Java” and the first version was released in 2016.

Kotlin has a wide range of applications such as android and desktop applications, web applications, server-side application development. As we said before, Kotlin was developed to be better than Java, and according to surveys, most people agree on this. Many of Google’s applications are based on Kotlin. Many large organizations such as Coursera, Netflix, Uber, Pinterest, PostMates use the Kotlin language.

According to Hired rating, Kotlin is one of the five most popular programming languages in the world.


The average Kotlin developer earns around $136,575 each year.



JavaScript is the “frontend” programming language. According to Stack Overflow’s 2020 Developer Survey, JavaScript is the most popular language among developers. Nearly 70 percent of survey respondents reported that they had used JavaScript in the past year.

Javascript is one of the friendliest programming languages because of its flexible syntax and work across all major browsers.

Many big companies are using Javascript such as Microsoft, Facebook, eBay, PayPal, Groupon, Google, etc. 

The average JavaScript developer earns around $79,137 each year.



Swift is a programming language announced by Apple in 2014. If you are interested in Apple products and want to develop IOS and macOS applications, swift can be a good programming language for you.

Swift requires fewer coding skills compared with other programming languages, and it can be used with IBM Swift Sandbox and IBM Bluemix.

Although it is not as popular as its other programming languages, the swift community is growing every day. According to a survey in Stackoverflow, only 6.6 out of 87,354 respondents use swift.

The average Swift developer earns around $96,016 each year.



The Go programming language, also known as Golang, was developed by Google in 2007. As a low-level programming language, it is a suitable programming language for people who are interested in the field of systems programming. It has the same functionality as C and C ++, but it does not have a complex syntax structure and steep learning curve.

Google, Dropbox, SoundCloud, Uber, Twitch, and many other big companies use Go as their programming language.

The average Go developer earns around $92,046 each year.



C# is mostly used for Windows mobile apps, creating 2D and 3D video games using the Unity game engine, and for backend programming.

Many big companies are using Javascript such as Microsoft, Stack Overflow, Hero, Accenture, Delivery, ViaVarejo, etc. 

The average C# developers earn around $68,524 per year.


In this article, we talked about the best programming languages to learn in 2021. Of course, there are a lot of programming languages out there and you may have a different approach.

If you want to get into computer science, software development areas, then knowing at least one of these languages is a very important step for your career. There are a lot of software engineers, web developers, data scientists in the IT industry but companies always need these professionals due to technological developments.  

If you want to add something or ask a question, then please write in the comment section.