How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future Of Businesses

by Mahmut on August 17, 2021

According to the research, the global artificial intelligence market size is calculated as $62.35 billion in 2020, while the annual growth rate (CAGR) of this value is expected to grow by 40.2% between 2021 and 2028.

Artificial intelligence is used in many sectors today with its powerful tools, techniques and data analysis methods. Many organizations today are taking advantage of artificial intelligence to improve employee and customer engagement.

In this article, the contribution of artificial intelligence to businesses in the coming years will be examined.

What is Artificial Intelligence in Brief

Let’s talk briefly about artificial intelligence. We can briefly define artificial intelligence as machines that perform certain tasks by imitating human abilities and intelligence.

In order to get the most out of AI machines, we train them as much as possible. The purpose of training them is to enable them to imitate human behavior. At the end of these processes, the machines can give the results we want thanks to the algorithms and programming we use.

AI in Business : Why Does It Work ?

AI can handle huge amounts of data, and AI does a great job at this. This is very good for businesses because they can make better thoughtful decisions, manage risk, and perform logistics optimizations.

Especially the natural language processing technology in artificial intelligence is very effective and successful in the field of customer services. Chatbots and automated call centers help companies reduce costs and improve customer experience.

Artificial intelligence technologies save companies time and money and benefit businesses by increasing the customer experience.

How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future Of Businesses

Every day emerging technologies increase our quality of life. It seems that artificial intelligence technologies play an important role in our daily lives. Here are some of the ways AI is transforming businesses.

Voice Search

Apple has also entered this market after Amazon and Google created voice-controlled home goods technologies.

We can see Voice Search applications everywhere. Even a small child can use this technology in today’s world due to its user-friendliness and simplicity. According to a survey, 32% of people between the ages of 18 and 64 use voice search technology on a daily basis.

According to another study, more than half of the respondents use the voice search application while driving. It is predicted that especially local businesses will be more affected by this technology. According to the research, the most searched businesses are cafes, groceries, hotels, and clothing stores.

Customer Support

To be realistic, customer services can only deal with one customer at a time. Artificial intelligence saves time for customer services departments, enables them to do more work, and increases the customer experience.

Chatbots can deal with more than one customer at the same time. In this way, businesses can solve their problems such as long waiting times and busy call centers. If a problem is too complex for the chatbot to solve, the live representative can intervene and solve the problem.

Software Testing

Thanks to artificial intelligence, we can perform more effective, faster, and smarter software testing tasks.

Our testing processes are automated with the help of artificial intelligence and machine learning techniques.

In this way, we can perform our operations faster and more effectively than our manual testing processes. So, teams can focus on more complex.

AI Will Enhance Computer Programming

IT companies are going to use artificial intelligence in programming in 2021.

Artificial Intelligence works particularly effectively in five programming languages. These programming languages are Python, LISP, Prolog, C++, and Java.

All these programming languages support artificial intelligence models and offer good solutions for creating the latest features. Python programming language is more compatible with artificial intelligence systems with its libraries, tools and offers more effective solutions.