Installing Python and Pycharm IDE

In this tutorial we are going to learn : 

  • Installing Python
  • Code Editors and Installing Pycharm



Installing Python 


Step 1 ) 

Go to to download and install the latest version of Python. Now Python’s latest version Python 3.8.3. It can be a different version in the future.


Step 2 )

After downloading the latest version of Python click and execute it.

  • Important Note here: You have to select ” Add Python 3.8 to PATH ” checkbox
    and then click “Install Now

Step 3 ) Wait for installation. After installation finished click ” Close ” 

Code Editors and Installing Pycharm

Code Editors

To write Python Code, we need a code editor and we have two options for it.

  • Code Editor
  • IDE ( Integrated Development Environment ): IDE is a code editor that has
    some advantages such as:
    – Autocompletion: When you type code, it is complete your code.
    – Debugging: Finding and Fixing Bugs.
    – Testing

For Code Editor, There are so many options out there such as VSCode, Atom, Sublime
For IDE, The most popular one is Pycharm.


Installing Pycharm

Step 1 ) Go to to download Pycharm.

Step 2 ) After download is complete, run the exe file to install Pycharm. Click “Next” and go on.

Step 3 ) Choose your Destination folder for installation and click “Next

Step 4 ) If you want you can create a desktop shortcut ( 32 – bit or 64 – bit launcher depends on
your computer ) and click “Next

Step 5 ) Select the Start Menu folder in which you would like to create the program’s shortcuts.
Then click “Install

Step 6 ) After Installing Pycharm you are going to see this screen. Click “Run PyCharm
Community Edition” and then click “Finish“.

Step 7 ) And then you are going to see this screen.

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Just some dude named Ethan
Just some dude named Ethan
5 months ago

Hey thanks for the reddit post that led me here. This is an excellent source of information for newcomers, like myself. I know all the pictures seem overwhelming and repetitive, but I found it very helpful. So thanks again, I bookmarked this guide. Keep it up.